zondag, december 06, 2009

Please leave your inbox!

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Last Thursday I was invited to speak at a seminar for the Dutch Hotel Managers.

Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly
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Visions on technology... on stage @ TEDxAmsterdam

TEDxAmsterdam team

TEDxAmsterdam team
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wow... that's what a group-effort looks like!

maandag, juli 06, 2009

Microsoft's sign of the times

nice quarted of clocks.

vrijdag, april 17, 2009

Speaking at TheNextWeb

@jimstolze #tnw
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Jim Stolze asks the audience “can you do without the internet” which is addressed with a loud “NO” by the bloggers sitting behind me. As part of his research project he asked people what they would do without the internet.


zaterdag, februari 07, 2009

TED Talk

"Don't take your Blackberry into the bedroom"

a talk by Jim Stolze at TED University.

maandag, september 29, 2008

Marc Canter & Jim Stolze

Marc Canter
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It looks like a Wrestling Match, but it was a friendly talk actually :-)

You can order Marcs book via Blurb:

vrijdag, september 19, 2008

Desk research

get a life
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woensdag, juli 09, 2008

Twitter down

Twitter down
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Via Paul Yizmo werd ik via twitter op deze cartoon gewezen.

Erg leuk en erg van toepassing :-)

vrijdag, april 04, 2008

Attend a conference behind your pc

Spin Awards aggregator
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With all social media tools and tagging going on, it's easy to not miss a thing during events like the Spin Awards.

You'll have to dance and drink beer alone, however.